Advocacy for the Support of Prisoners and Indigents Rights (ASPIR)

ASPIR is a Non Governmental and Nonprofit making Ministry with the mandate to fulfill her part Of Wholistic development of man in line with the proclamation of the whole Gospel of Christ and the restoration of the whole person towards the image of God. We desire to achieve this through spiritual, legal and social services rendered to man.

Vision Statement

We envision a dynamic non-profit Christian based organisation known for its advocacy and support of prisoners and indigents.

Mission Statement

To speak for and defend the rights of the less privileged prisoners and indigents to obtain Justice and Freedom.

  1. Commitment to Service - making yourself available to those in need.
  2. Love and Care - showing compassion to those we meet.
  3. Integrity - being honest in day to day running.
  4. Team work- working together to achieve a common purpose.
  5. Justice - treating people right.

Priority: The following are the priority areas:

  1. Facilities
  2. Man power
  3. Finances
  4. Partnership
  5. Planning

The following are the Programme Focus Areas:

  1. Court Legal Representation
  2. Advocacy and Awareness raising 
  3. Peace Building
  4. Skills Acquisition and Empowerment
  5. Education
  6. Discipleship and Counseling
  7. Humanitarian Relief to the Vulnerable and Indigents
  8. Violence against Women and children
  9. Trauma Counseling
  10. Gender Equality
  11. Rule of Law and Good Governance
  12. Discrimination against women and girls


Our activities include advocating/representation in court, going to police stations and other relevant places on behalf of indigents/less privilege detainees, resolving conflicts out of court, advocating, organizing fundamental and civic rights awareness in urban and rural areas, counseling, presenting Jesus Christ salvation message to clients, disciple making of those saved, teaching, skill training acquisition, rehabilitating, confidence building, facilitating workshops and seminars, conferencing, empowering those that have acquired skills, distribution of food and clothing to indigents we are ministering to that have such needs.


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Indigents' Right

We assist indigents Awaiting Trial Persons (ATPs) in prison spend unnecessary long period, this is because they cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent them secure their freedom or speed their trial.

Skill Acquisition

We at ASPIR provide skill acquisition to enable them be responsible people in the society who will contribute to the progress of the society.


The society where we live in need to know their fundamental and civic rights and their corresponding liabilities, also we create awareness to enable people find help in areas we are involve.


It is the right of every child to go to school, indigents children are not in school due to poverty and those that are already adults need adult education.

Distribution of Relief Materials

We distribute relief materials to indigents in dire need and especially those affected by the incessant crisis and attacks in our country who are mostly Christians.

Peace Building

Peace building & Conflict resolution: We prefer people settled their difference amicably without recourse to court except where it is impossible.


Discipleship/Counseling: there is something that is most important of all, that is there relationship with Christ Jesus, how to leave and affect others positively.


We envision the poor gain justice and freedom (physically and spiritually), rehabilitated and empowered.


CORPORATE & MEDIA AFRICA COMMUNICATION LIMITED Meritorious Diamond Award for National Development (MEDA 2013) presented to Barr. (Mrs.) Cecilia Joshua Tuwan in recognition for her contribution to the Socio-economic Development of Nigeria through her field of endeavour.